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Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
You don't jam "flight signals". You jam GPS or you don't.
They could have been trying (or showing off) the technology to jam GPS.
Gabriel, i was quoting the thread topic.
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Originally Posted by TeeVee View Post
ahhhh so you support murdering heads of state. funny, even we outlawed that several decades ago. you are so cold-blooded!

of course i realize what he was saying. i agree with it in some respects but don't want to argue the reasons why i don't.
It doesn't involve killing enough people?

Where did I say I support Brian's suggestion? I said it's the opposite of what you said we should do (and is actually much preferable, I would say, though what course of action wouldn't be?). You want the indiscriminate destruction of a country's civilian population; Brian's suggestion is the targeted specific killing of the handful of people most culpable.

Thankfully, current U.S. policy towards N. Korea does not include either approach.
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Originally Posted by ZK-TUI View Post
You do realise that North Korea doesn't technically need a reason to form an attack on South Korea.
No armistice was ever signed in the Korean War, technically the longest war ever fought.

I must say, I'm really glad I live in a peaceful country... (even if we do have a crappy prime minister) - There is a reason why a great deal of the world is estranged from closer relationships with the US in recent decades...
What reason is that? Is not part of the reason your country is so peaceful due to the security you enjoy through US relations? US/Australian ties are very strong. Where US relations between other countries have become strained, you'd have to look at it on a case-by-case basis to determine why. I don't think in many cases would you discover that it's because we're "not peaceful enough". Nor, in many cases, does another country really want to become totally estranged from the U.S. - just enough to score political points internally, or to strengthen an alliance elsewhere (that works to their economic benefit).
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