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Gabriel-LeftSeat circular argument
I think there's agreement that this was not particularly dangerous- and even if it was an "oh crap" the pilots were situationally aware after the speculated gear warning and plenty of time to determine if continuing or going around was more appropriate.

As to the disagreement- while we can't say with absolute certainty- it would appear that they violated the commonly accepted 'rules' for a stabilized approach.

I would question the wisdom of deliberately violating stabilized-approach 'rules'- you could get reprimanded for bad judgement.

Now, if things unfolded fast and there were some valid distractions in the cockpit, and it was an honest mistake, I feel a lot better.

Because a premeditated and deliberate violation of stabilized approach 'rules' seems unlikely to me, I side with those who suggest that this was an honest, "oh crap" mistake.
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