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Originally Posted by Leftseat86 View Post
I agree with your "of course" and all of your "but". Basically I was commenting on the fact that I think it is clearly an intentional move here and that everything appeared well under control, not whether or not it's a smart thing to do or within permissible established procedures.
I hope it was not intentional, but rather a "oh shit" moment.

If it was intentional (or if I learn if from YouTube), in my airline (if it existed) they would be fired no questions asked.

If it was a mistake (say that they were through 500ft and one say "500ft, stabilized appr... oh shit, the gear is up", or that they are made aware by a "landing gear" warning), then they would get seriously questioned about why they lowered the gear instead of going around, and maybe (and I've said maybe) get another chance after additional corrective (and punitive) training.

Honest mistakes are one thing. Stupid mistakes are another. While forgeting to lower the landing gear and failing to detect that fact in the landing checklist can be a honest mistake, deciding to lower it so low cannot: they would know that they were doing something wrong. Noticing too low that the gear is up and deciding to lower it instead of going around is somewhere in the middle.
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