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Originally Posted by B757300 View Post
Yep, you just know they're beyond gleeful right now. I know a few from the other site who would probably love to see a 787 go down in flames, literally.
Oh come on, no serious enthusiast can be happy about this. In the end competition is good for everyone.
As for fanboys, there is also the Scarebus camp. Many were mighty happy about AF447 and talked sh*t about the airbus concept. There were even a few of them here, and I remember one had a nose-diving A380 as his avatar. There were also plenty of happy people about the cracks in the brackets in the wings of the A380.
So it's not about that. The real question is, what's causing the 787 issues, which by now can't be ignored. Is it a concern? Is it from the fact some hydraulic systems have been replaced by electrical systems in its architecture.
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