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  1. dagostinipaulo
    04-20-2015 02:29 AM
    Good night Brian!
    I am new to the forum and do not know very well how to make some things here.
    I would ask you to orientate towards what should I do to change the name I use on the site D'Agostini Paulo to DeltaPapa.
    It's been a while that my name does not appear in the list of photographers, do not know what happened and would also like to ask for guidance in what I do, when to do so.
    D'Agostini Paulo
  2. gdg9
    12-05-2014 02:41 PM
    Brian - Hello, hope all is good in the Wells. I'm nearing 49,800 on my spotters logbook. May I please have more space? Thanks.
  3. Fear_of_Flying
    08-05-2014 02:04 AM
    I disagree with the choice to close the MH 17 thread. I come to this forum for information, even when I don't post comments, and to me there are many unanswered questions about this crash which have nothing to do with politics. It's just too glib a response to wash over the whole tragedy with a "There's nothing more to be learned here, folks." That, too, does a disservice to those whose lives were lost. This tragedy is still very much in the hearts and thoughts of those who follow aviation, and it is unfortunate to lose this source of analysis and reflection. I believe heavy moderation - quickly deleting posts of those individuals who are simply grandstanding their political doctrine - would be a more prudent course of action.
  4. Observer
    08-04-2014 09:48 PM
    Thanks for the reply, Brian.
  5. Observer
    08-04-2014 02:52 PM
    Hi Brian.
    I fully understand your choice of closing the MH 17 post and really think it was the right move.
    But I have few questions and if you do not mind, could you please drop your thoughts?
    No doubts that MH 17 was shot down and main conclusion regarding safety (which is the main focus of the forum) is that civil aviation should avoid flying over conflicts. This is a sad/criminal episode but there are some technical issues related to the episode that the forum could contribute, not trying to figure out who and why did it (trying to put politics apart) but rather how (which seems to be an achievable goal for the forum with the public information we have). Otherwise, we will continue in a “deteriorating snow-ball movement” without benefits for the users of the forum.
    Not incentivizing the passionate discussion but trying to learn:
    1) From the photos we have access; some have different opinions which weapon caused the damage. Considering that we are not using additional investigation (studying missile fragments and/or bullets fragments, reliable satellite data, ATC records, etc), how can we differentiate damage of machine-guns from damage of missile shrapnel? Is it really possible to be differentiated with the photos we have?
    2) Back to the previous threads, SU 25 maximum operational ceiling is way below FL 330, because it was designed as an air-to-surface attack plane. Can a SU 25, not loaded reach higher altitudes with appropriate life support for the pilot?
    3) Some said (lay media with all the bias it can incorporate in their analysis) that the plane following MH 17 could it be a SU 27 or Mig 29 instead of a SU 25. Does military radar have the ability to differentiate these planes?
    Thanks very much for your attention and I hope this message won´t upset you more than I suspect you are.
  6. B757300
    05-08-2012 02:36 AM
    Brian, thanks for your help with the BA 747 photo.

  7. Harlequin67
    04-24-2012 11:53 AM

    It was I who caught you at the Northolt Nightshoot as you and your other half left.

    Just like to say thanks for all the hard work you put in here at Jetphotos.net.

    See you at the next Northolt Shoot?


    Ian H
  8. darrenvox
    09-23-2011 04:56 PM
    thanks brian for your kind words
  9. Jan-Jasinski
    05-27-2011 11:20 AM
    Thanks for the dust spot thread. I recently had some rejections for that and usually do not check for them.
  10. Rtyrpics
    04-16-2011 01:57 PM
    Such a coincidence I should have a similar shot :P, I'm guessing you selected special on the BA 744 aswell, thanks for saving me a rejection....

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